In the area

Check out things to see and do in our area!


  • Walk the insect path on De Weitens, starts from Wilma's Terras, go to: insect path on this website
  • Malpie Hoeve, farm with homemade ide cream and inside and outside playground, Valkenswaard (
  • De Neut, inside play areas and restaurant, Westerhoven (
  • Playground De Klimbim, outside jungle gyms and playground, Waalre (
  • Klimrijk Brabant, playground and lots of outdoor activities, Veldhoven (
  • Care farm Wouterbergen, outdoor play area with animals and restaurant, Someren (
  • Gouden Woud, indoor and outdoor play area and search for gold, Liempde (
  • Play farm de Hooiberg, in- and outdoor play areas on a farm, Bladel (
  • Dierenrijk, zoo and playground, Mierlo (
  • Zoo Veldhoven, Veldhoven (
  • De Ontdekfabriek, discovery factory, Eindhoven (
  • PreHistoric village, Eindhoven (
  • Dippiedoe, amusement park, Best (
  • De Wedert swimmingpool, Valkenswaard (
  • Lago Dommeslag swimmingpool, Pelt in Belgium (

To do

  • Look at our walking routes, which start at Wilma's Terras at the bottom of this page
  • Walking- hiking and cycle routes, De Malpie, in the area of Valkenswaard (
  • Walking- hiking and cycle routes, in the area of Valkenswaard (
  • Walking- hiking and cycle routes, in the area of Valkenswaard (
  • Nature park De Groote Heide, in the area of Valkenswaard (
  • MTB-routes, in the area Valkenswaard (
  • Canoe rental, start your trip in Valkenswaard and book online (
  • Rofra activiteiten, Canoe rental, E-chopper rental and many more, Valkenswaard (
  • Montana snowcenter, Westerhoven (
  • Teutenroutes, culinary cycle routes in Belgium (
  • Abbey route, Walking- hiking and cycle routes in Belgium (
  • Bokrijk cycling through water, Genk in Belgium (
  • Play a game of Padel, rackets for hire, Overpelt in Belgium (
  • Cycling through the trees in Pijnven, Hechtel-Exsel (BE) (
  • Also take a look at this website: Tourist Information North-Brabant: 

To see

  • Lithography museum, Valkenswaard (
  • Philips fruitgarden, Eindhoven (
  • De Achelse hermitage, Hamont-Achel in Belgium (
  • Abbey of Postel, Mol-Postel in Belgium (
  • Bokrijk open air museum, Genk in Belgium (

Food & Drinks

  • Chip shop de Berg, Valkenswaard (
  • Eatery in de Sleutel, Valkenswaard (
  • 'T Brabants Genot restaurant, Valkenswaard (
  • Eden restaurant, Valkenswaard (
  • De Kempen restaurant, Knegsel (
  • Het Wapen van Westerhoven restaurant, Westerhoven (
  • Miss Coffee, coffeeshop with nices pastries, Valkenswaard (Address: Markt 31, Valkenswaard)
  • City Brewery 100watt, Beer tastings and restaurant, Eindhoven (


  • Valkenswaard weekly market, every Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00 on the market square (Markt 24, Valkenswaard)
  • AmeeZing, Valkenswaard - (sing along festival) annual, end of May (
  • De Gezellige zondag van het Gerstenat (brewery festival), Valkenswaard - annual, end of July (
  • Corso Valkenswaard (wagons with fresh flowers)- annual, 2nd weekend of September (
  • Scarecrow Festival,  Valkenswaard - every 2 years, end of Oktober (
  • Glow, Eindhoven (light art festival) - annual, end of November (
  • Carnaval, Dommelen - annual, end of February (
  • Carnaval, Valkenswaard - annual, end of February ( 
  • Tops International Arena (equestian championships), Valkenswaard - annual, from May to August (
  • Driving Valkenswaard International (DVI), Valkenswaard - annual, from mid June (
  • Also see: - for lokal events

Hiking routes which start at Wilma's Terras

We have set out two walking routes that start from Wilma's Terrace. Leave De Weitens via the car entrance, once at the entrance (at the large wooden gate) turn left, about 200m walk you come to a crossing with the Monseigneur Smetsstraat and the Pastoor Bolsiusstraat, here the route starts with junction 83. Below for clarity, a map to get to the start:

Start wandelroutes

Hiking route 1: Along the Dommel and over the Malpie of about 11 km
From junction 83, look for junction 84, via the Venbergseweg and we then walk towards the Dommel, where canoeists can often be seen and nearby you can also see the Venbergse Watermill, whose history goes back more than 1000 years. Where we then walk into the Malpie nature reserve! The Malpie is very moist and sloping, the sand ridges date from the Ice Age and were shaped by the wind. Thus a whole series of small hills was created. Between the moors, the water wells up from the bottom to form mysterious pools, a beautiful sight. You walk right past the Groot Malpeven, which has recently been renovated. Now you see the original plants and animals returning. Scan the QR code below for the route, see the junction diagram below or click on the link:

Wandelroute 1
Wandelroute 1

Hiking route 2: Discover the Malpie of about 15,5 km
Put on your walking shoes for one of the most beautiful walking routes in Brabant, through wet heath areas with special vegetation. You cross the Malpie, a small but breathtaking nature reserve! You walk through deciduous forests full of birds and through wet heathlands with the so-called 'small five': sundew, sphagnum moss, peat fluff, brimstone and bluebells. There is also a bat cellar in the Malpie where the big ear and the fringe tail live. The route leads, among other things, past the Groot Malpie ven and runs in an eight, so that you can easily shorten it. Scan the QR code below for the route, see the junction diagram below or click on the link:

wandelroute 2
wandelroute 2