Our Story

The Weitens consists of 3 parts. The ecological market garden, Wilma's terrace and the cabanas and camper pitches. First there were just the 3 of us: Jack, Wilma and Corinne and now Odile, the new face, joins our family business. Odile and Corinne have been friends for 18 years and know each other from their student days in Groningen. Odile has followed the Weitens from the beginning and has made a career switch from HR to Bio-dynamic gardener and, with the help of Jack and several volunteers, is going to run the garden and eventually take over. Also, Corinne and Odile, are going to learn the art from Wilma and run Wilma's Terrace together next season from May 2024. There are also plans to organise various events, such as: pizza nights, soup afternoons, high-teas, game weekends, asparagus weekends, winter BBQ and special occasions like Easter brunch or parties and catering on request. In addition, our fresh vegetables are also offered for sale in the form of vegetable packages. For questions about our cabanas and motorhome sites, you can still contact Corinne.

Wie zijn wij

The history of the Weitens starts with Cor Verouden and Dientje Verouden-Mikkers. In 1957 they took over the farm from Jack Mikkers. Son Jack decided early on that he did not want to take over the farm and went to study in Utrecht. Jack traveled a lot for his work and Wilma wanted something to do. Wilma loves being in the kitchen, baking fresh cakes and making dishes with fresh ingredients. That is why she opened Wilma's terrace in 2014 in the ornamental garden of Jack and Wilma's home with the intention of merging the terrace with Jack's great hobby, an ecological farm, after Jack's retirement.

After 35 years of working as a geodesist for Shell in many countries, 'the blood gets where it can't go' and at the end of 2016 Jack and Wilma started an ecological farm with a tea terrace with the main motives being a sustainable business, being CO2 neutral and above all always with respect for nature. At the beginning of 2018, De Weitens was a fact!

Frequently guests would ask, whether there's an option at De Weitens to stay overnight? This started the thinking process. An idea was born and quickly converted into a plan and the municipality granted the permit! As of October 2021, 6 holiday homes (cabanas) will be placed in the Walnut orchard with also 4 camper pitches. A new challenge had presented itself, who is going to manage this?That was the moment for daughter Corinne to change course! After working as a buyer for almost 10 years, she quit her permanent job to start this new adventure!

We believe that De Weitens is a special place and would like to share it with you!

Our company:

Our company covers 5 hectares and consists of:

  • Wilma's terrace is located on the ecological farm. Here we serve various homemade dishes, view our menu!
  • Small herb garden, which we use to make a fresh pot of herbal tea.
  • 7500 m2 fruit orchard with more than 90 standard and 65 low standard fruit trees (apples, pears, plums) and a few walnut trees.
  • 7500 m2 vegetable garden with a diversity of vegetables, berries, raspberries and strawberries.
  • 160 m2 foil greenhouse for growing vegetable garden plants and growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and early vegetables such as spinach, radish and lettuce.
  • 2000 m2 green area with very diverse plants on the west side to please the insects.
  • 3 hectares of walnut orchard with 9 varieties of walnut trees. And with 6 cabanas and 4 camper pitches where our guests can stay overnight.

We sell all our home-grown and home-made products directly to the consumer such as: fresh fruit and vegetables, vegetable garden plants, fruit jam, honey and apple juices. On Wilma's terrace, these different products are all used in the delicious pastries and lunch dishes.


We work exclusively with volunteers at De Weitens. In this way we can maintain this ecological oasis. If you are interested in helping us as a volunteer, sign up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll make an appointment soon!


Connection with De Weitens ♡

To attract coal tits to our market garden, we install as many tit boxes as possible. If you want to connect with our beautiful place or give away an original gift, you can sponsor a nesting box by means of a one-time amount of € 15,-. When you are interested, you can take it up with Wilma or Jack. Wilma will paint a name of your choice on the nesting box and when ready choose a spot for it at the market garden. It's a connection with the ecology of De Weitens.