Ecologial Products

The market garden is grown in an ecological way. For us this means 'with respect for the natural balance'. The use of pesticides is prevented by choosing resistant varieties, crop rotation, healthy soil and crop diversity. Where possible, biological control is applied, for example by earwigs, ladybugs, owls, kestrels, hedgehogs and coal tits. Weeds are controlled by hand or mechanically. The planting distance is large to give plants light and air and in this way to keep them healthy.

The basis of ecological gardening is healthy soil. In the first years of the farm, attention was mainly paid to soil improvement by means of applying compost, solid manure and lava grit.

The entire garden is enclosed by a hedge of shrubs, thickets and trees. The wooded bank serves as a windbreak and as a residence and forage place for various insects and animals.

The ecological fruit and vegetables are available on Wilma's terrace and in our sales cart at 14 Monsigneur Smetsstraat in Dommelen. On this website you can see the range of seasonal products that we currently offer. For ordering products please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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